To Nuwara Eliya, is the heart of the hill country. The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka offer a salubrious cool climate. The mountain slopes are covered with acres and acres of tea with its fragrant aroma mingling with the fresh air. Nestled among the mist covered central hills in a cool basin Nuwara Eliya, the hill resort, resemble a little English village. Road leading to this hill station winds through miles and miles of 'green carpet' of tea bushes where tea pluckers are seen busily picking the 'bud and two leaves' that go to form the most popular brew in the world, the 'Ceylon Tea'.

Waterfalls: Devon Falls, St. Clares, Ramboda Falls and Baker's Falls are the main eye-catching water falls in Sri Lanka. The geographical formation of the Island with the central highland sloping down to the coastal plains has resulted in several rivers and streams in the hill country. Starting from the central region, flowing down the hilly slopes in a radial pattern they create beautiful waterfalls in several places.

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