Moonstone's other name, adularia , which comes from an early mining site in the Adula Mountains (Reheinwaldhorn) in Switzerland, gives rise to the term adularescence to describe moonstone's beautiful white iridescent sheen.

Moonstone is feldspar. As feldspars weather, they break down into kaolin , a clay mineral used in high quality ceramics and pottery.

The Galle district of Sri Lanka's southern coastal belt (in which Mitiyogoda sits) is famous for a variety of gems.

With a mining industry more than 2,500 years old, Sri Lanka has been known since antiquity as Ratna Deepa, the "Island of Gems." It is home to 40 gem varieties out of a total of 85 in the world. Providing income to nearly 150,000 people per mining season, 30,000-40,000 gem pits operate annually. Most labor is from low-income groups whose efforts make up nearly 90% of Sri Lanka's total income from mineral exports. In 2001, total gem and jewelry exports from Sri Lanka totaled $240M (US).

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