About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean…………

Sri Lanka has a documented and proud rich history which is stretching from 6 century B.C up to 18 century A.D.

According to the pre- historical evidence, Balangoda Man (Homo sapiens), found glory and grandeur history of Sri Lanka over 28 000 years.

Sri Lanka hangs like a jewel off India's tip, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Marco Polo called it "the finest island of its size in the entire world."

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island to visit, so take a break and explore most famous travel destinations to add loving memories to your lives. This is the right place to set your own pace and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Feel the excitement of traveling to a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

Sri Lanka is a teardrop-shaped island in the Indian Ocean, situated between latitudes 5°54'N and 9°52'N, and longitudes 79°39'E and 81°53'E, and separated from India by a channel only 32 km (Palk Strait).The country has maximum Length of 432 km (Devundara to Point Peduru) and maximum width of 224 km (Colombo - Sangamankanda).And it covers approximately 25,332 square miles (65,610 square kilometers).

The rainfall pattern is influenced by the monsoon winds of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal and is marked by four seasons. The first is from mid-May to October, when winds originate in the southwest, bringing moisture from the Indian Ocean. The second season occurs in October and November, the intermonsoonal months, rains to northeast. Third season, December to March, monsoon winds come from the northeast, bringing moisture from the Bay of Bengal. Another intermonsoonal period occurs from April until mid-May.

January is the coolest month, especially in the highlands .And Average the year sun shine most of people know In the world sri lanka is sun shine country

Sri Lanka possesses purity beaches, ancient monuments, irrigation water reservoir systems, endemic flora and fauna, High-Biodiversity, rain forests, gorgeous waterfalls and many places to delight any person.

Official Name :Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Government :Democratic Government , with an Executive president and a Parliament elected by general public
National Day : 04 th of February
Time Zone                     GMT / UTC + 5.5 hrs
Average Temperature :  27 C fluctuates between 15 C in the highlands to 35 C in Certain areas of the lowlands
Population :About 20 million
Ethnic Mix :Sinhalese 74%, Tamil 18%, Moor 7%, Burgher, Malay, and Vedda (indigenous)1%
Religion Mix 70% of Sri Lankans are Theravada Buddhists,15% are Hindus, 7.5% are Muslims and 7.5% Christians
Banks working Days :Week days – 9.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m Saturday - some banks are open 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.
Banks working Days :GMT / UTC + 6 hrs
Holidays :Saturday half day, Sunday and Main Religious Days.